, amino acids and essential fats that are not used in creating energy. What we eat and drink is broken down by the digesti

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bstances such as amino acids and fats. Glucose comes mainly from carbohydrates, while amino ▓acids are found in protein and, lastly, fats are used, too. All food is broken down in the digestive s


ystem and the end-products are separated into their constituent parts for delivery into a 'power station' or Krebs Cycle, a series of chemical reactions in which the ▓body's cells metabolise glucose for energy.There occurs a complex and intricate process in which pyruvic acid, glucose, am

ino acids and the end product of fat▓s are oxidised and converted into adenos▓ine 5 - otherwise known as triphosphate, or ATP. This is the form of energy that powers most of the bodily functions. Some foods work especially well together and it is in these combinations that we can really make what we eat work so much more effectively for us▓.Nutrition is often full of negative messag▓es, and the positive approach of Supereating is a refres▓hing change. The traditional message of eating ple

nty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean p

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rotein, essenti▓al fats, fibre and water still stands.However, i▓t seems like a natural progression to as▓k if some fruit or vegetables are more effective than others and as we eat foods in comb▓i


nations then how do those foods and the nutrients they contain interact? For example, if yo▓u eat cashew nuts, then you could maximise your uptake of Vitamin K by eating them with a probiotic food. This could mean having miso soup al▓ongside your chicken and cashew nuts or a spoonful of plain yogurt if you were having nuts as a snack.Nutrients and their rolePROBIOTICS help the creation of B vitamins from other foods but also ma▓ke a small amount themselves. They also help release magnesium from food. Foods to go for: Sauerkraut, yogurt and miso. Other foods containin▓g probiotics include tomatoes, onions, garlic and banana▓s fo

r the oligosaccharides, or simple sugars.Voices of opposition against the passage of a Hong Kong-related legislation by the U.S. Cong▓ress has grown stronger in Hong Kong as l▓ocal authorities, experts and business groups warned it would not help calm down the current situation but only ha▓rm the interests of both sides.Backlash grows stronger against U.S. passage of Hong Kong-r▓elated legislationBacklash grows stronger against U.S. passage of Hong Kong-related legislation11-22-2019 09

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osition against the passage of a Hong Kong-related legis▓lation by the U.S. Congress has grown strong

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er in Hong Kong ▓as local authorities, experts and bu▓siness groups warned it would not help▓ calm down the current situation but o▓nly harm the interests of both sides.The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (▓HKSAR) government on Thursday expressed strong opposition to the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Dem

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ocracy Act and the other act on Hong Kong in the U.S. House of ▓Rep

resentatives after the bills were approved by the U.S. Senat

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a wrong signal to violent prot

esters and would not help calm down the current situation in Hong Kong, the HKSAR government said in a state

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